Michelle Johnson

the chocolate barista


commodity Coffee

Long Beach, CA

I hated my retail job at the time so my friend hooked me up with a barista job. I also hated coffee at the time. I tried drinking it but always with a lot of cream & sugar.
— Alan Gomez of Commodity Coffee on his coffee journey
Once I introduced what my coffee experience was like as a Black woman and saw the reception from that, I realized race was a missing conversation overall and decided to dig into that.
— Michelle Johnson

elizabeth Chai

coffee and design


coffee table book

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AM Live sessions feat. Propaganda

2 part film series + interview

You’re just going to different cities - the vibes of different spaces were so cool and then you start drinking good coffee and then you try to come back to and just go to your normal Quickie Mart on the corner and you’re like - Oh Wow! I can taste the difference
— Propaganda

andy Davis

I have this thing where sometimes there’s a gap between where things happen in my life and when I write about them. And I’m trying to close that gap so that I write more quickly after something happens
— musician, Andy Davis

Mexico City