Mini Portland Coffee Crawl

I was in Portland a couple of weeks back for an agency shoot. Thankfully, I had some downtime during my visit, so you know what that means - coffee crawl.

I didn’t get to hit up as many shops as I would have wanted, but I still had a great time. And you know that my first stop had to be at one of my favorite shops of all time, the original Coava Coffee Roasters location.

While at Coava, I was turned on to a new-ish shop, Never Coffee. I swung by the shop a bit before heading to the airport and loved the colors and design elements of the shop. As well as I dug their signature drinks menu - so you know I had to try one of them. I got the “Holy Grail,” and wow…it was great. Not my usual order, but when you’re visiting a shop like that - why not.


I also met up with Mr. Mark Shimahara at Either/OR Cafe. Mark is the photographer for Roast Magazine. As well as, he has a beautiful coffee table book, "Coffee Covered" that I purchased at the SCA event a while back. We talked about photography and book publishing. It was a great conversation. I didn't capture any images of the actual shop while I was there, but couldn't pass up photographing my mug under this beautiful light.

I also visited Deadstock Coffee - a sneaker + coffee shop in downtown Portland. But those images will have to wait since those will accompany a full feature to be released soon on the site.

So yeah, as I said, this was as 'mini' of a coffee crawl if there ever was one, but still happy with the images that I was able to capture in such a short period.