Good Coffee

Good Coffee

Portland, Oregon based, Good Coffee was founded by brothers Nick and Sam Purvis. These dudes have been at the game a bit and it shows. Their coffee shop is beautifully designed with freakin’ huge windows that allow for natural light to flow through the whole joint.

When I visited they were pulling shots from other Portland favorites Coava and Heart Roasters. Brother Sam used to work as a barista at Coava so that was cool for him to show the love now that he’s doing his thing at his own shop.

You may also recognize Brother Nick from his years of competing in the National Barista Competitions. Or from his time managing The French Press in Santa Barbara. He also made a few appearances in the documentary, Barista. 

And yes, I realize I called them both 'Brother' as I described them. Not sure why but it felt right. Or maybe it made them feel like characters in a cool movie. Who know? Not me. And I freakin' wrote it. 

Done. Cue photo gallery. Boom!