Happy Birthday Paloma

I can't believe I'm writing this, but as of today, August, 12th I am officially the parent of a two year. It's crazy how fast these past two years have gone by.

I'm not one for cheesy quotes but I can honestly say that, "it goes by so fast" is so true. 

I've been bringing Paloma along with me to coffee shops from about a moth or so after her birth. While I would be drinking my coffee and she would be sipping on mommy's leche. We were both addicted. 

I've jokingly given her the online hashtag of "coffeeshoppartnaforlife" because I do hope she will be. I'm fully aware that there will come a time where going to a coffee shop with her dad won't be cool anymore - I'll deal with that when it comes - but she'll come around. Hopefully...

It's funny, She 'helps' me make coffee in the morning sometimes. On days when Im using my Aeropress, she'll want to help press it down. And when Im using my espresso machine, she'll want to hit the buttons on it to start the espresso extraction. It's cute. She's my little barista in training. 

Side story: I first met my wife at an art gallery in Phoenix, AZ and the first thing that I said to her was, "I think you're very pretty, I would like to take you out for coffee." So, to be fair, my wife is my OG coffee shop partner. 

I just did a quick search and found a few cute images of Paloma hanging out at coffee shops that I thought I would share.