AM 2.0

Hello and welcome to Americano Mondays. Version 2.0. 

What initially began as a side project in late 2012 has how now become a large part of my creative life. Even spilling over into my commercial work with clients specifically asking that I shoot a project for them, "like your coffee images." 

Since it's inception, AM has primarily been a photo series + coffee blog. But now it's time to take this project even further and in new directions. And my hope is that this will be the first step in allowing that to happen. 

So what does that mean?

First off, it means as well as featuring coffee shops, I will be showcasing interviews/photo essays on individuals - both in and out of the coffee scene. I will be staring up a Meetup series as an extension of the digital presence. And later this year, I hope to revive the AM Live Sessions with a new round of live music videos + short films.

I've come to realize that I've become too literal in my interpretation of the phrase, "coffee culture." 

Coffee culture is more than just another latte art shot on Instagram. It's the conversations that happen over coffee. It's the person you meet at a coffee shop that becomes a friend. It's the community that surrounds the act of drinking coffee. 

So is this still a coffee culture project? Yes and no. But this is something I need to do, to stay creatively invested long term. As well as, to move AM more into a platform under the theme of being,

Inspired by coffee and the culture that surrounds it. 

So here we go. I cannot tell you how excited I am to move forward on this. I have put so much time into AM and I want nothing more than for it to succeed. Let's see what happens.