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Filtered, iced coffee + retouching sessions are the best 

Filtered, iced coffee + retouching sessions are the best 

Well hello there,

It’s been a long time, but I’m back - and I am ready to build Americano Mondays into the platform that I know it can become. And even though that will take a while, I’m freaking ready to make it happen.  

I sincerely apologize for not updating/maintaining this website over the past year. Ahhh! As with so many others, Instagram has almost completely replaced the website format. That said, I still see the benefit of having a main platform/hub that contains all of the work that I’ve put into Americano Mondays.  

To give you a heads up as to what’s to come: The next few features that will be posted here are from previously completed shoots - that were never added to the site. Sadly, I am behind on more features than I care to admit - but they’re coming and hopefully very soon.  

Another hope of mine is to begin journaling more freely on this website. With topics ranging from life as a freelancer - to trying to build up this platform into a brand - as well as following along on my journey of making my coffee table book a reality.

I’m even writing this from my phone right now - as almost a test to prove to myself that I don’t have to overthink every single freaking thing when it comes to Americano Mondays. 

So I’ll leave this here and say - I’m back, I’m ready to rock this out and I just hope that there’s still a few people out there that are willing to swipe away from Instagram and actually click through to a webpage. Ha.

Thank you for your time, Jeff.