International Women's Day

In honor of International Women's Day, I want to take a moment to recognize some of the amazing women that I've had the honor of meeting - all because of coffee.

If you're visiting this site, then I would assume that you've already heard of AND are following all of them. If not, please do yourself a favor and click through the links. Each of them has a unique voice and presence in the world of coffee. And I am so beyond inspired by each of them. 

I wish I had photos of all of the other amazing women that I've met in coffee - but for now, I present seven women and one cute 2 year old - in no particular oder. Go...follow them...NOW. 

Ashley Tomlinson  @thelittleblackcoffeecup

Ashley Tomlinson @thelittleblackcoffeecup

Michelle Johnson  @meeshalrj

Michelle Johnson @meeshalrj

2. Jenn Chen  @thejennchen

2. Jenn Chen @thejennchen

Suzy Lippmann  @miss_suzyq

Suzy Lippmann @miss_suzyq

Chermelle Edwards  @coffeephotographer

Chermelle Edwards @coffeephotographer

Elizabeth Chai  @chaiamericano

Elizabeth Chai @chaiamericano

Christine  @compactchristine
Jeff Newton