Coffee Adventures

My daughter and I went on a mini coffee adventure over the weekend. Leigh Anna, aka Mommy needed a break since she wasn't feeling well. 

We started our little adventure off at the mall picking up some very boring adult stuff. But you know we (I mean me) had to go and check out the new iPhone 7 Plus! DANG! I want that dude...

After that, we went home and walked up the street to check out a new coffee shop that had just opened up this weekend, Maru Coffee. It's a beautiful, minimalistic coffee shop. I've been waiting for them to open for a bit since they're less than a block away from our place in Los Feliz.  

Next off, we headed to one of our favorite coffee shops in the neighborhood, Dinosaur Coffee. My friend Michelle owns that joint and it's so perfect. Freakin' awesome baristas - great location - kid friendly. Boom! No complaints here. It's even Paloma approved. 

After all of that coffee (leché for Paloma) and a quick break dance off against the Elliot Smith mural we needed some PIZZA! So we walked across the street to Garage Pizza and downed a slice. 

We then decided to wrap the day up with a quick walk through the neighborhood. One that including barking with the dogs - or as Paloma calls them, "Ro Ro" - checking out some book stores - piggy back rides and reaching for tree's to see how tall we are. Not tall. Just being honest. 

And then it was bed time suckas! 

That's how we roll. Paloma + Dad OUT!