Timing Is Everything

A mock up - earlier this year - of an 8x8 promo book for Americano Mondays - that I decided to hold off on releasing - sad face. 

A mock up - earlier this year - of an 8x8 promo book for Americano Mondays - that I decided to hold off on releasing - sad face. 

Have you ever had a conversation that stuck with you long after it ended? A conversation that just cut through the noise of the day and made you think. Well, I had one of those yesterday. 

I was speaking with someone in the coffee industry - a co owner of a coffee shop in Los Angeles. We we're having a causal conversation about what we've both been up to, etc. But then he asked me, "So what are you planning on doing with all of these images you've captured? Are you hoping to have a book published?" 

The answer to that question is a resounding YES. I would love nothing more than to have an Americano Mondays coffee table book published. 

It was what he said next that stuck with me. He said that if I wanted to get a book published, then I should get on that ASAP since the culture of coffee is truly at it's peak right now. And I wouldn't want to miss out.

Boom! There's so much truth in that last statement.

I just hit delete on numerous paragraphs - on how to finish this post. I don't want this to be too long and I also dont want to overthink it. Because, sadly, there's not much to overthink:

  1. I want to have a book published
  2. I have hundreds of images of coffee culture 
  3. I have an audience that would hopefully be interested in purchasing said book

So...what's the hold up? Well, two things. 

  1. Money. Publishing a book - either self publishing or with a book publisher is not cheap. Especially since most book publishers will make the photographer or unknown author cover all printing costs upfront. 
  2. Design. Im not a book designer. And I would want this to be so beautifully laid out/designed so that it felt more like a book and not just a portfolio. 

But neither of those factors should hold me back from moving forward. So here we go. I am officially putting this out there that as of today I am going to begin taking active steps in getting an Americano Mondays book published. Baby steps: Probably. But anything is better than standing still. 

I would love to partner with a publisher. (hello, how are you) But if not, then I'm completely cool with self publishing if thats the route I have to go. But it will happen. Even if it takes a long time...and it probably will. But Im cool with that. Im in this. 

Oh Snap.


Lastly, my conversation yesterday reminded me of this TED Talk by Bill Gross. He's determined that the one factor for why a start up company - or in my case - a book project on a culture that is having it's moment - succeeds: Timing.