A new Vlog series that goes behind the scenes of Americano Mondays. These videos will also serve as a more freeform platform for sharing my thoughts on why I began this site - and where I see it going. And don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. 

In this vlog - I wake up extra early to get to a coffee shop for an early morning journaling session in Evernote. While there, I take a few minutes to discuss my thoughts on fatherhood - and then rush back home to help my sexy 9 month pregnant wife prep for our baby shower since we're having another baby YO!
Decided to shoot a super fast vlog today while as I walked to the neighborhood coffee shop - worked on the new Americano Mondays Newsletter and found out the amazing news that Trumpcare had gone down in flameZZZZ. Camera; Canon G7X Mark II Edit: Adobe Premiere
I talk about my excitement for the upcoming release of my new live performance video by spoken word and hip hop artist, Propaganda. This is a continuation of my series, AM Live Sessions. We shot this late last year and Im just finally getting to it.
In todays one take vlog - I added a quick/fun little Aeropress intro - because it was too beautiful outside to sit inside a coffee shop - as well as I reflect on yesterdays release of the new AM Live Sessions featuring Propaganda.
Took a quick break from editing an upcoming feature for that Im releasing next week - I wanted to be outside for a minute - and Im seriously trying to push myself in the world of vlogging.