Lostboy Illustrations

Im excited to announce the launch of a new video series titled, "My AM Ritual"

For this series, we will be documenting people in and around the world of coffee - about their daily rituals. But more importantly - about that NewWork/NewHustle that drives them as they pursue their given craft. 


I'm honored that for the first release, I am able to feature Fin Lee aka Lostboy Illustrations. She describes herself as a "queer first generation Korean American artist whose work spans identity, connections, community and desire." (I just freakin' copy/pasted that since I couldn't have said it any better) Her work has been commissioned by the likes of Lady Gaga, NY Times, Samsung and many others. Basically - she's legit! 

I met Fin through the crazy cats at the LA Coffee Club. She had done a full scale mural for them a while back and we kept in touch, seeing each other around the coffee scene. Cut to my idea for this series and after going over the names of people that I would love to feature - hers was one of the first that came to mind.

I hope you enjoy this new section here on Americano Mondays. I'm editing the second feature as we speak. (or...as Im typing...I don't know) My hope with these interviews + films is inspire us all by sharing the stories of some amazingly talented people who are rocking out and doing their thing. In LA and beyond. 

Please visit Fin's site and make sure to give her a follow on Instagram