Lux Coffeebar

For our second installment of Americano Mondays I visited LUX Coffee Bar Phoenix, AZ.

The crowd at LUX has always been a rather eclectic crowd. It opened in 2002 and immediately became THE downtown hub. I would go there early mornings and see other freelance photographers, writers, musicians and gallery owners. Even the Mayor would come in on occassion.

– I dig these old typewriters they have throughout the joint –

A lot has changed over the years and other coffee shops have opened up in the downtown scene (see our post on Jobot for that) but LUX has remained a chill place to visit. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re located directly beside to Pane Bianco.

Jeff Fischer, owner of LUX    

Jeff Fischer, owner of LUX


In 2005 it changed hands to new owners and about 2 years ago they moved one space over to a larger building, instantly tripling  their size. And I must say, they’re new set up is simply beautiful on many levels…

They’ve expanded beyond a typical coffee shop and now offer a full menu as well as a bar at night. It’s a crazy mix that seems to work. And I dig that.

You can go there in the morning to get your coffee and work or…

Go there at night, grab a drink and chill with friends.

Or as Jeff, the owner calls it, “Design in the 3rd Place” It’s that space that falls within your home and office life and fills that void where you can be productive…but take a break and chill with other people…have a great conversation…meet new people and then go back to you table and do your thing.
And I can tell you first hand, I have experienced that on numerous occasions.

Sammie, artist, barista and latte’ art extraordinaire.

See what I’m talking about…

Arya, a fellow photographer and barista

I highly recommend checking this joint out. You can find more info about their location, menus and when they’re open HERE.