Blacktop Coffee


Blacktop Coffee is the perfect example of why I wish I lived in the DTLA Arts District. 

It's a small, neighborhood style coffee shop with minimal seating that begs for you stop in - say what's up - get your coffee game on - kick it for a few - bounce and get back to work! 

Blacktop Coffee was co founded by Mr Tyler Wells, one of the original founders of Handsome Coffee Roasters

But having stepped away from Handsome before its acquisition by Blue Bottle, Tyler wanted a more intimate setting for his next venture. With it's small footprint and lacking a roasting facility, Tyler and his crew are able to focus primarily on hospitality and on rocking out great coffee. They serve beans roasted by San Francisco based, Sightglass Coffee

Many of our neighbors don’t have a back yard or front yard or porch at all. They exist inside of their space but where else can they have their dog with them and read the paper.
Until I tried Handsome and Sightglass I didn’t know coffee could taste this way. So, it’s 1. the flavor and 2. the shared experience that we create. All of our clientele is so incredible. They’re intelligent, aware and creative, so friendly and wonderful to chat with. So we’re creating an experience for them but also their interaction with us is awesome.
— Barista, Amber Allen
The people are the common thread. And it’s being able to be a bright spot in their day. Giving them something that you’re exited about makes them excited about it.
— Barista, Nick Howell