Pink on Pink at Go Get Em Tiger

I met up with Mr. Brian W Jones AKA "Dear Coffee, I Love You" today at the new Go Get Em Tiger in DTLA at The Row. I had recently purchased his beautifully crafted book, BREW so I decided to reach out and introduce myself.

We talked about book publishing, design, and moving to Los Angeles. A great conversation for sure. And happy to finally meet in person.

Thankfully, we decided to meet up at the new Go Get Em Tiger location at The Row. And wow, that place is amazing. There are so many shops and other spots that I would love to visit as soon as I have some time to bring the family down to make it a day.

That said, I LOVED the new GGET location. And you know who else would love it, my almost 5-year-old daughter. Because they have a custom La Marzocco espresso machine, painted her favorite color, pink. And it's beautiful.


Due to it being in a more lunch crowd type of location, they've expanded the menu to include some pretty sick items that I will FOR SURE partake in on my next visit. Hamburgers at GGET? I'm down!

Also, if you're a coffee enthusiast who's interested in learning more about coffee or drink methods, make sure to pick up Brian's book, BREW.

Barista featured in photo, @surenuh