Random thoughts on fatherhood


Loved the contrast between the light and shadows on my brief walk between our home and MARU coffee before heading to pick up my children from day care.

Having kids that need to be picked up at a set time and don’t care how much work you have left or what deadline you’re on has been an a 4+ year long experiment in removing myself of the sole owner of my time. 

It was tough at first because I came from a mindset that reveled in the fact that I worked nonstop. But a hungry one-year-old doesn’t freakin care a thing about your last shoot when they just want to give you leg hugs in between dancing while you’re making them food.

And if all I’m ever doing is focusing on the next email then I won’t get the chance to sing the frozen soundtrack for the freakin millionth time with my daughter. Side note: I would actually be OK if we moved on to something else. Just don’t tell her that.

So yeah, I’m still hustlin’ nonstop and pushing myself as much as I can with my craft. And thankfully, I make a living because of that. But I also dig that my life now has clearly defined moments for when it’s time to stop and be present with my children. Not gonna lie, there are times where it’s so freaking hard - especially when life is throwing crazy things your way. But dear God It’s worth it.

Paloma, Mateo and I being wild at Blue Bottle in our neighborhood.

Paloma, Mateo and I being wild at Blue Bottle in our neighborhood.