AM WEekly Video Series

A weekly video series on the Americano Mondays YouTube Channel. Make sure to subscribe to follow along in my journey to get the coffee table book published. As well as, to follow the daily ups and downs of being a freelance photographer with a passion for coffee - who's trying to elevate this once, small side project into something special. 

AM Weekly 28

I'm Wrecked! But I also feel great because after a week of pushing myself to live a more disciplined life - I can confidently say, that I had far a more productive week I've had in a very long time. It was perfect - but it was a bg step in the right direction.

AM Weekly 27

So yeah, I suck at 2 minutes Tuesdays. Or, a nicer way to say it would be that my first attempt didn't go as good as initially planned. _____ For those that are new here, Hello! Americano Mondays is a photo + video and interview series inspired by photo and coffee culture.
Sometimes I feel like a 40 year old student. And that couldn't be more true than now! But that's not a bad thing - because it's when we get complacent that we fall short. And the journey to get this book published has shown me how much I still need to learn.
Our daughter Paloma was home sick most of this past week - which meant that I barely got any work done. And even though it's tough at first to see a lack of progress and/or time for work as a blessing - just being able to be there for my daughter and spend time with her as she got better is indeed something special.

Instagram announced IGTV last week. And as someone who loves Instagram - I thought I would test out this amazing new feature on and see how I feel about shooting vertical videos. BUT this also presents a challenge here in YouTube so yeah...I'm still figuring out how to move forward.

Sorry...just realized i had it set it to private for a bit...yikes. Im tired...but Im rocking out - trying to stay focused on what's important: 1. My wife/kids, and the work that gives me purpose.

Kids and coffee are probably the two best ways to describe last week. And that's a good thing. A lot happened over the past week - I submitted my visual deck - proposal to the brand that I'm hoping to partner with on the book.
Sometimes its the simplest of things that will make you say OH SNAP and completely re think how you see something. I had that happen this past week with Americano Mondays. And Im so happy it happened. Im still figuring everything out.