Crush The Rush - Vlog

I was recently invited by the La Marzocco crew to attend "Crush the Rush 2" in San Francisco. It's a fantastic event - that they took across the country - that takes the concept of the 'coffee competition' and freakin' turns it upside down.

On this night, themed teams from California based coffee shops competed against each other in time trials. There were crazy awards - excellent lectures - fantastic food - fun half-time show games and crazy cool coffee people all around!

I have been a fan of La Marzocco for a while now. The team they've assembled personifies the term 'good people.' So when the one and only, Mr. Josh Littlefield hit me up to join them in SF, I was immediately down.

I assumed they would want me to document the event in some manner. I'm not necessarily an event photographer - but I was down to do my thing. Then I got on a call with Scott Callender, The VP of Marketing - and he asked me to come and document the event through my eyes - like I would if I were shooting a vlog for Americano Mondays.

That was unexpected but so welcomed. It allowed me just to be me - a photographer/coffee nerd who loves documenting this wonderful coffee community of ours.

Thank you to the whole team at La Marzocco for putting so much work into Crush the Rush. These events are so inspired and community-focused - and they gave me a newfound respect for all of the work you do.

Oh and PS: You're espresso machines are beautiful. Jeff.