In this fourth installment of the "Coffee Adventures with Dad" series, Jeff and Paloma visit the DTLA Blue Bottle in to say bye to our friend, Christine - sad face - who was working last shift that afternoon. We then moved the party outside for another - impromptu dance session. We then headed to Echo Park for a quick slice of pizza - before kicking it at lake with the ducks and turtles. You know, just another fun filled day!

Our third installment of "Coffee Adventures with Dad," Paloma and I take over the town. Because, while mommy's out of of the country - we PLAY HARD!!! 

Unfortunately, Paloma wasn't feeling well that day so she had to stay home from daycare. Seeing as that meant that I probably wasn't going to be able to get much work done - we decided to get our day started early at Tacos Tu Madre - a new-ish joint just the down the street. After some delicious tacos, we made our way over to the new Go Get Em Tiger in Los Feliz. While there, I drank some sick coffee - we played hide and seek - caused a ruckus - had a FaceTime session with mommy - and then took a final stroll around the neighborhood before heading...SCRATH that SuckaZZZ - as we were headed home we both got hungry - so we made a quick detour to Spitz for some hummus and pita. And then Boom! Bedtime. 

After picking Paloma up a little early from daycare - we decided to swing by the Echo Park Farmers Market. We bought some of our favorite hummus (after excessively sampling, because why not) and the made our way over to visit our friends at Woodcat Coffee for coffee and cookies. After some chill time there we decided to head home. 

In the first "Coffee Adventures with Dad" video, Paloma and I visit the Apple Store and lust over the iPhone 7. Once home, we decide to walk up the street to visit a new coffee shop that just opened up in our neighborhood of Los Feliz, Maru Coffee. A beautiful little coffee shop that is such a welcome sight in our neighborhood. 

We then decided to keep up the coffee craziness and drove down the street to visit our friends at Dinosaur Coffee. After all of this crazy coffee - and a quick dance session in front of the Elliott Smith mural, we we're freakin' hungry so we decided to walk across the street and grab a slice of pizza at Garage Pizza. Because that's how we roll...